Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

Quilting, rants and raves and I am sure I will talk to my grandson.


Posted on December 1st, 2010

WELL  I have finally entered the high tech era .... kicking and screaming.  I work with computers at work but HATE them there... things that took 5 to 10 minutes TO DO, now take a couple of  hours to accomplish.  At home I love SOME computer games, others I can take or leave. I use to play with EQ6 but have yet to load it to my Window7 computer.  I find the more time spent on the computer the less I accomplish around the house (NO NOT CLEANING)  I like to say I quilt but I have been doing very little quilting lately.   That is why I call this page NONNIE's QUILTING DREAMS.  I dream about quilting but am not doing much about it....

I hope to post some pod cast soon..... We will see what I have to say.  I have yet to figure what my podcast will be like because I have not figured out how to edit the mp3 yet.

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I will tell you right now I am a poor speller and read over typos.  I try to keep them at a minimum but they always surprise me when I publish a page.  I use spell check but sometimes you have to know how to spell the word in order to use SPELL CHECK.

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