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Reading to my grandson….

Posted on December 18th, 2011

Every night someone in the family reads bedtime stories to my grandson.  I recently started recording me reading to him and burning the readings to a cD.  We then put the cD in the player and he listens to it as he falls asleep.  I did this for my daughter when she was young... I used a tape recorder then.

I am posting the readings for other children to enjoy.  The include me reading, some descriptions of the pictures I am seeing; comments or questions I make when I read.  My grandson has access to the books, on the cD, so that he can read along, whenever we ride in the car or he is "RESTING" pre-Nap.

Actually I am hoping this will spur others to learn how to creat mp3 files so that they too can save their voices for their families and their future kids and grand-kids.  IF I CAN DO IT, anyone can do it.

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