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Pre Christmas Pod- cast

Posted on December 17th, 2010
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Well, it took some doing but I finally have my third podcast posted. I have been having trouble with editing the program. I would make multiple tracts but then a listener would not be able to hear what was said. I also tended to loose tract of my thoughts the first attempt because I had so little sleep and too much activity going on around me. Today no one is home so I was able to do a quick podcast. I am still trying to load to i Tunes but so far have not been successful. I am posting the various quilters I reference in my podcast. I also discuss some of the family activities and holiday festivities.

Beth Ferrier

Sue Nickels

Mary Warner Stone

Ami Simms

Men and the Art of Quilt-Making by Joe Cunningham

Mirror Manipulations by Gail Valentine




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