Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

Quilting, rants and raves and I am sure I will talk to my grandson.

PODCAST DELAYING… no quilting here.

Posted on December 12th, 2010

NO I have not pod faded...... I can not record unless I am totally alone in the house.  So I am hoping today will be the day.  Hubby has to work Sunday for a while.  DD is going to a viewing party for a friend and grandson is visiting his daddy and his new baby brother..... So maybe after a nap this evening I will be able to record a new podcast.

I can only podcast when there is an empty house.  I have tried pod-casting with family here but it is a disaster.   Grandson used my inattention to stuff a toy down the toilet.  My daughter decided to vacuum the living room.  My husband interrupts continuously even though he knows what I am doing.  He just likes to rattle my cage.   He also was unplugging the toilet and saying some words NOT TO BE BROADCASTED.  I still can not edit large sections, only silences, I have not yet learned to tweak the pops, blips and tinniness of the pod casts.

Pretty soon I have to decide if I should upgrade my services.  Apparently there is a limit as to the amount of bandwidth I am allowed.  I think it is 100mb per month but it could be total.  Since I over half way there I guess I should slow it down a bit.  I hope to up-grade in January or February... but that will happen ONLY IF I GET A BIGGER AUDIENCE.


I am posting my favorite cookie collection on line.  Most are already typed up and ready to post.  Some I am spiffing up.  My husband is diabetic so I no longer make as many cookies, cakes, pies etc as I have in the past. These are not dietetic by a long shot... but they are pretty good.  If you need some new to YOU cookie recipes ... this might be the place to look.

I am also on the look out of more DIABETIC RECIPES that taste good.  If you have any send them my way.

On the quilting front:

I am still trying to find more fabric for my quilt. BLOCKS are done, but I need more sashing strips. So I am on the hunt for matching fabric. I find ON LINE SHOPPING to be very confusing. I put the information and numbers in SEARCH and get 100 other hits but not my fabric. The ladies from the various companies have been very helpful... SO HERE IS HOPING.

I am also trying to birth a flannel baby blanket with my grandson on my lap. I must be nuts trying to sew with a two and half year old boy. He sits in my lap and I guide the fabric. He hold the edge of the table if he takes his hands off, I stop the foot pedal and we stop sewing. He We have one more side to finish sewing. Only took us an hour. We are going to finish when he comes home.

Michigan Blizzard

Right now it is snowing. It started last night and is not suppose to end til tomorrow. I tried to talk my husband and daughter out of leaving home this afternoon, but they would not stay home. I should be use to the bad weather but I still hate it. I want my family home, safe and sound.

Now for a nap and then maybe a podcast.

Happy Quilting NONNIE