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Looking for Inspiration… Quilting the Quilts

Posted on April 16th, 2012

If you want to see more... this was on the local news channel



This quilt has RED WORK in blocks.  Those blocks were quilted with a diamond pattern, disregarding the embroideries.  Alternate non-embroidery blocks were quilted with a stenciled pattern and a curved triangle.


I am not sure if you can see the quilting very well, but it seemed to be a casual pattern in the style TWICE QUILTED by Glorianne Cubbage.  Two different patterns intertwined.  The quilting goes cross over each other and that is considered acceptable.  It is not a tight pattern and the quilt was drape-able.


This quilt was also  quilted with  a stencil pattern in the white spaces and micro stippling around the applique.  This resulted in a popping of the applique motifs.


This quilt seem to have been quilted by on a long arm.  The background was quilted heavier than the the blocks.  The medallion has a trupunto look to it.


This quilting looks like a PANTO-GRAM which went across the quilt from side to side.  The pattern intertwined so that one part intermingled with the second pass of the quilting.


This kit quilt was from the 1960s the applique was echoed then there is cross hatching over the background.


This quilt was quilted with an all over pattern known as a Baptist Fan.  This quilt was hand quilted but I could not tell by who on the label.  This pattern was popular with church group doing a hand quilting and dates back to the late 1800.  When quilters sat next to each other quilting they would quilt the fans at the length of their elbows.  It made it easier to quilt as a group.


This quilt has a stenciled heart motif in the white spaces with an all over pattern in the appliqued hearts.  There is micro stippling in some sections, it was used take up space between the motifs.


This quilt was quilted with two motifs... the light background has all over swirl-filler pattern which echoed the garland of leaves applique.  A vein was also used to quilt the applique.  The dark stripe had scattered motifs in the large dark blocks but in the four patch the light blocks were stitched around while the dark patches were left alone resulting in and interesting texture.


I am thinking this quilt was quilted on a domestic machine.   It has many stand alone quilting motifs that could have been done individually.  This would be easier done on a domestic machine.  I  could not see the starts and stops, they were expertly hidden.  Each section was quilted differently matching the block that was quilted with a suitable motif.

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