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Loading to iTunes

Posted on December 18th, 2010


Please Tell me I do not have to up load to iTunes ever again.  Please tell me from now on it will be automatic...... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.I have been playing with this all day long and I am still not sure it is correct.  I am just hoping that I do not have to do this again. 

I think it would have helped if iTunes had not changed some of their setting when they upgraded.  The FAQs here on PODBEAN is a little confusing to say the least.  I went through it step by step but then there seemed to be some missing steps.  I will know when you all give me feed back. 

Hopefully I will never have to do this again.

PLEASE TELL ME YOU CAN DOWN LOAD THE PODCAST FROM i TUNES.  ( podcast 2 and 3 should load)