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First podcast… What an adventure !

Posted on December 1st, 2010



My name is Nonnie and I am trying to learn how to podcast.  This was my first effort and I was a nervous wreck.   Please leave me comments and tell me what you think.  I personally think my voice is annoying but I hope you will not find it too bad to listen too.   I know I have a lot of ummms and whiney habits when I speak.  I also tend to get off tangent, start on one topic and end up somewhere else.   I hope this will improve when I become more comfortable with podcasting.  I need to know if the sound was loud enough it sounds loud to me coming off my computer, but I am not sure how it will sound once it is exported.


The actual posting of the podcast took three tries.  It probably would have helped if I had read the instructions in FAQ on this blog site, first.   But that is me,  I jump in feet first and drown since I do not know how to swim. 


I hope in the future to post podcast reviews of quilt books, DVDs, and tools.  I hope we will communicating about our various quilting projects, adventures and mis-adventures.   I will probably also have some rants and raves, cause I tend to find my self in siturations that I JUST HAVE TO YELL ABOUT. 

STAY TUNED and come back again.


Happy Quilting and Enjoy



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