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Crying in my tea… HOW I GOOFED UP MY QUILT

Posted on December 3rd, 2010

JUST talking about how I goofed up my quilt.

Talking about reading to my grandson, my favorite children's book: THE QUILT MAKER's GIFT

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Progress report.... Friday Night... December 3, 2010

I put the sashing on 15 new blocks and will now need to square them up to the same size.  Because my four patch blocks varied depending on the fabric fussy cut.  I made the sashing larger so I could square them to the same size.  I plan to square up all of my blocks in the same session.  I find that I am more consistent if I square up all my blocks at the same time.  I hope to post before and after pictures.


YEAH !!!!! I HAVE A QUEEN SIZE QUILT WITH 36 BLOCKS COMPLETED.  I only had to fudge one block and sew pieces together to get the strip I needed.  My LQS ordered the sashing and binding fabrics for me as they were standard fabrics they always carry they just did not get their shipment in.  I am sure if I scatter the  new fabric for the center sashing no one will be able to they are from two different dye lots... AT LEAST THAT IS MY HOPE.  I am thinking I will blend in 30 to 50 % of the strips from the new fabric even if I have left over strips.   Anything not used goes into my scrap box any ways.

I am posting my goof ups because I am hoping others can learn from my mistakes.  Since make so many mistake... there can be a lot of free knowledge here....

** Problems with the patches: e--fourpatchK.jpg

Each set of patches sewed up to a different size, anywhere from 1/4 to almost 1/2 inch in difference. I could either sacrifice the design or trim them to the same size. OR I could sew on the sashing and then trim all the blocks to the same size. This is what I chose to do, realizing I might lose consistency from patch to patch but I think the coloration will hide the problem from block to block.


The framing / sashing is over size on this block to accomadate the variance of the four patch block sizes.   As a result all the blocks need to be trimmed/ squared to the same size ( 12- 1/2 inches. )