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Color review of some of the literature

Posted on May 25th, 2011

Well I could post the podcast or I could post the show notes. I could not do both but if you follow my word press blog you will soon see a blog with pictures soon. I already posted pictures of the links to the books at wordpress.

Tonight I went to the guild and our speaker was Amy Davison a talented quilter, pattern designer from this area of Michigan. I will be devoting my next podcast and I am sure several blogs to her lecture. The topic: COLOR FOR QUILTERS...... honest I forgot she was giving this lecture. I must say it was one of the better more quilt based lectures on color I have ever attended. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I will let you know about the lecture when I get a chance to blog.

Check out her web site and patterns:

Amy Davidson, Of Humblebee Quilt Works

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