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Caprese Salad like my Mother use to make!

Posted on August 11th, 2011

August 8, 2011,

Summer Caprese Salad like MY Mother Made!

Slice lots of summer tomatoes... light salt and pepper, good olive oil, good wine or balsamic vinegar.  Set aside in a cool place or refrigerate but a lot of people think you should avoid refrigerating tomatoes.  I often add chopped basil, parsley and a little garlic at this point.  My daughter does not like the garlic so sometimes I make her separate salad. (Chill for an hour at the least.)

Slices of YOUR favorite fresh mozzarella.

Washed and dried fresh basil.

To assemble:   Stack tomato slice with mozzarella with basil leaf between.  I like to stack several slices of tomato with a toothpick through all.  A small basil leaf on the top.