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My borders are driving me NUTS!


This is the quilt I reapplied the borders for the THIRD TIME... (Sorry it is such a crummy picture but I had to hang it out side on the clothes line in order to get any picture.  As you can tell picture styling is not my strong suite. )  Anyways I reapplied the borders three time... simple little 4 inch wide borders... Should be easy right....

NO, NO, NO!  I did not have my usual work area to stretch out the quilt to measure the borders so I measured by folding in  half and then measured (twice.)  I then cut the borders.  Dang if they were not too short by two inches.  I had more fabric so I remeasured and re-cut the fabric leaving extra.  I then marked the appropriate measurements and pinned from the center outward.   I sewed on the borders and then laid it on a bed.  The borders waved like a flag in a hurricane.  Had to rip them off again.  Remarked them using my old technique of marking them every 12 inches on border and quilt top, then matching all the marks at the 12 inches.  Sewed them on and FINALLY they are laying flat.


I  had a blast this week sewing at CHRISTMAS IN JULY sew in at Elaine's Quilty Shop in Hadley.   The food was great, three different salads, and a wonderful banana cake for dessert.  We sewed from 10 am til 5 pm.  I corrected the above border and finally got it right and then sewed pinwheels using the MISSOURI QUILT SHOP technique.  They were so much fun... but boy are those bias edges hard to deal with.

I am making my pinwheels using 6-1/2 inch squares ( Yes, it will be a charity quilt.)  Once the pinwheels were made I squared them up to 7-1/2 inch unfinished blocks.  I will be posting pictures in the future.  I will probably design quilt top in a simpler pattern, then the ones I have seen on the internet lately.  Just playing with the idea.

Speaking of designing..... I think I am going to break down and buy myself an Electric Quilt 7.... I have been missing my EQ since the computer crash.

Well this is it for today... happy quilting.


( The pictured quilt is a lot cuter in person than picture indicates. )


EPISODE 22: Blogs and books and charity quilting …

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Episode 21- no real show notes.

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