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Doing a podcast— an adventure

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DECEMBER 1, 2010

Step ONE:  DOWNLOAD Audacity and the LAME to your computer.  Download at the same time or you will not be able to convert your audacity files to MP3, which is the file of choice for the majority of podcast carriers such as POD BEAN and i TUNES.  On your computer bring up audacity and record a show.  IT SEEMS EASY, but I have not tried to edit YET.  I will discuss more about this when I master it.  I hope to added on to this page, diary style.

STEP TWO:  SELECT  a microphone.  I have a scype headset, but I will be looking for a stand alone mic to use when I record / read with my grandson.  I do not know if I will post these or just make a cd of our time together.  I recorded my daughter when she was a child and we always loved those tapes .... unfortunately they disappeared before I could copy them to cD, since it was pre computers time.

Step THREE:  RECORD your podcast then post to your selected site.  ( POD BEAN)  I have not done this YET.



Well first podcast is posted.  I should have read the Helps/ FAQ on the podbean site and then it would have not been so hard.   This computer stuff has a STEEP learning curve.

Step Four: UP- LOAD YOUR FILE TO PODBEAN FIRST....   After you record your mp3 file you should up load it to podbean by going to PODCASTING at the bottom of the write a post/ episode editor.  Use the MEDIA MANAGER LINK to upload the file.  This is pretty self explanitory, but in the future I will post a better explination of the proceedure.   The podcast took a half hour to UPLOAD, but I sewed on several blocks while I waited.  I will be better prepared in the future. 

Step Five:  Add a Media File at the bottom of WRITE POST/ EPISODE PAGE.   You can select the file you want from the list of episodes you have up loaded.  I am going to post small titles in numerical order in hope it will be easier to find the posts in the list.

Step Six:   Check to see if the podcast is posted on your site.   Podbean supposedly loads to i Tunes.   I do not like the iTunes site so I rarely go there to download my podcast.  I try to load them from the podcasting sites.   IT WORKS FOR ME.

I am listing the steps needed to post podcast on PODBEAN in hopes I will remember how to do it again in the future.


Later in the evening of December 1, 2010

STEP 7:   You must up load your picture using MEDIA MANAGER on the WRITE POST / EDIT page.  Be sure to note the width and height of your picture when you are in your photo editor.  That information needs to be written in one of the boxes in MEDIA MANAGER. 

STEP 8:  ONCE you have posted your picture into the FILE LIBRARY.  You use the toolbar IMAGE- MANAGER to load the picture into the blog page for publication.

I may not know a lot about blogging but I do know some about playing with pictures. 



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About Nonnie Quilting Dreams

I guess I should tell you a little about my self.  I work full time outside my home, have been married  over 20 years to my husband.  I have one grown daughter who moved back home with her son.  My grandson is almost three and keeps me very busy chasing after him.  He is my best play time buddy.  He wants to help me quilt and you will probably hear alot about his efforts and misadventures.

WELL  I have finally entered the high tech era .... kicking and screaming.  I deal  with computers at work but HATE them there... things that took 5 to 10 minutes TO DO, now take a couple of  hours to accomplish.  At home I love SOME computer games, others I can take or leave. I use to play with EQ6 but have yet to load it to my Window7 computer.  FRANKLY I find the stuff I do at home on a computer is a lot of fun, TOO MUCH FUN.  I find the more time spent on the computer the less I accomplish around the house (NO NOT CLEANING)  I like to say I quilt but I have been doing very little quilting lately.   That is why I call this page NONNIE's QUILTING DREAMS.  I dream about quilting but am not doing much about it....

I hope to post some pod cast soon..... We will see what I have to say.  I have yet to figure what my podcast will be like because I have not figured out how to edit the mp3 yet.

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