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Housekeeping Issues at Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

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 UPDATE :  DECEMBER 31, 2011 
I upgraded my Podbean account which means I CAN NOT TALK MORE!!!  Not sure if anyone can listen since I still do not know if I have been loaded to iTunes.  I went through all the bells and whistles that iTunes puts me through but so far I have not heard back from them.  So I might be talking to THIN AIR. 
I will be posting a new podcast within the next couple of days.  I now have UNMETERED BANDWIDTH, 300mb STORAGE WITH 150MB MONTHLY GROWTH.... not sure what any of that means but since I did not have that much before... it should work out.... if not I will just upgrade again. 
Keep your fingers crossed!


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MODA and UFOs, maybe Resolutions

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I will be posting show notes later today.  This is an experimental post because I finally got Audacity, Lame, i Tunes loaded to my laptop..... Which means in the future I can podcast..... Anywhere.

Nonnie Nonnie’s Blog My Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast Pod cast link

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Updated 2011 --- Quilt UFO LIST Jan 2011





Four patches made, need to attach complex sashings (hip to be square pattern)

12- 1/2 blocks made and square

Need to attach sashing with corner stones

Sew blocks together

Buy backing then take to Lisa’s to quilt by check book


Tim’s Leaf Quilt

120 by 120 inches …. KING SIZE

Background… butterscotch

fabric selected just starting on blocks.

Must be completed by Christmas 2011

Assortment of pieced blocks …. Maple blocks

Split leave applique

4 patch boarder…. Standard or brick alignment


Angelina’s Kool Kaleidoscope Queen Size Quilt 110 x110

Get pattern drafted and acrylic templates made of wedge, butts and wedgies

Background BLACK KONA

Fabric purchased need to select for stradas and cut out

Need three 18 inch sets and 4 sets of 12 inch for corners

Sew the stradas


Using the design wall put out the wedge patches to form the kaleidoscope

Take one wedge at a time and sew them together….

All wedge patches sewn then sew the wedges together







Anna’s Venetian Stain Glass .

blocks made, need sashing

need to assemble into quilt top


Anna’s Italian Renaissance B.O.M:

Blocks made need to determine layout and assemble quilt top



Blocks made need to attach sashings and assemble quilt too


Irish Chain-(Take 5 X marks the spot) Kay’s Mystery Class

from Spring

Center made / need to attach pieced borders


9 patch Night Sky Quilt…

block exchange blocks to be used. Need 400 nine patches…

have 100 and night sky fabrics.


Anna’s Dec Mystery Block….BRAVE NEW WORLD PATTERN..

Using BRIGHTS AND STASH FABRIC … Started making blocks




2010 Spring Mystery Class

Have my fabric, paid for the class. SPLIT NINE PATCH BLOCKS- REPRO FABRIC

Just have to take the class and start sewing.

Split 9 patch Mystery Class with Kay Isbell.. Spring 2009

patches cut out but blocks not made


Disappearing Nine Patch..

layered with batting need to machine quilt.


Angelina’s FOUR Patch CHRISTMAS Kaleidoscope..

blocks made, need to assemble


CRAZY STAR… CAMBRAY FABRIC …. Elaine’s QS pattern.



Finished UFO QUILT LIST 2010:

1. Sara’s one fabric wonder – finished / given to Sara 12-25-09

2. Farm Quilt Panel…. Finished ….Shown at Guild

3. Neal’s Card Trick… finished ….Shown at guild

    li>Nee-Nee’s Toddler Bed Quilt. Have several panels to choose from must make before his out of the crib. --- done FARM PANEL QUILT WITH BIND WEED ON MY FENCE.


6. Bargello Throw…turquoise… GIVEN TO MICHELLE KOOL

7.   Bella’s Framed 4 patch DIVA IN TRAINING TODDLER BLANKET

Loading to iTunes

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Please Tell me I do not have to up load to iTunes ever again.  Please tell me from now on it will be automatic...... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.I have been playing with this all day long and I am still not sure it is correct.  I am just hoping that I do not have to do this again. 

I think it would have helped if iTunes had not changed some of their setting when they upgraded.  The FAQs here on PODBEAN is a little confusing to say the least.  I went through it step by step but then there seemed to be some missing steps.  I will know when you all give me feed back. 

Hopefully I will never have to do this again.

PLEASE TELL ME YOU CAN DOWN LOAD THE PODCAST FROM i TUNES.  ( podcast 2 and 3 should load)



Pre Christmas Pod- cast

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Well, it took some doing but I finally have my third podcast posted. I have been having trouble with editing the program. I would make multiple tracts but then a listener would not be able to hear what was said. I also tended to loose tract of my thoughts the first attempt because I had so little sleep and too much activity going on around me. Today no one is home so I was able to do a quick podcast. I am still trying to load to i Tunes but so far have not been successful. I am posting the various quilters I reference in my podcast. I also discuss some of the family activities and holiday festivities.

Beth Ferrier

Sue Nickels

Mary Warner Stone

Ami Simms

Men and the Art of Quilt-Making by Joe Cunningham

Mirror Manipulations by Gail Valentine




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I hope to post a podcast this evening when every one is gone!

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I have been trying to post a new podcast but having trouble recording.  Everyone is out of the house so today might be the day.  Plan to quilt this am.  I have the morning off.

I do want to thank the 145 pod cast hits I have gotten and hope you will return.  Please leave comments when you come... I am always looking for more ideas .... My own ideas  tend to dry up. My  quilting has  slow progress since I can only work at for limited times in a week I have not gotten very far.

Get back with you, soon I hope.


PODCAST DELAYING… no quilting here.

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NO I have not pod faded...... I can not record unless I am totally alone in the house.  So I am hoping today will be the day.  Hubby has to work Sunday for a while.  DD is going to a viewing party for a friend and grandson is visiting his daddy and his new baby brother..... So maybe after a nap this evening I will be able to record a new podcast.

I can only podcast when there is an empty house.  I have tried pod-casting with family here but it is a disaster.   Grandson used my inattention to stuff a toy down the toilet.  My daughter decided to vacuum the living room.  My husband interrupts continuously even though he knows what I am doing.  He just likes to rattle my cage.   He also was unplugging the toilet and saying some words NOT TO BE BROADCASTED.  I still can not edit large sections, only silences, I have not yet learned to tweak the pops, blips and tinniness of the pod casts.

Pretty soon I have to decide if I should upgrade my services.  Apparently there is a limit as to the amount of bandwidth I am allowed.  I think it is 100mb per month but it could be total.  Since I over half way there I guess I should slow it down a bit.  I hope to up-grade in January or February... but that will happen ONLY IF I GET A BIGGER AUDIENCE.


I am posting my favorite cookie collection on line.  Most are already typed up and ready to post.  Some I am spiffing up.  My husband is diabetic so I no longer make as many cookies, cakes, pies etc as I have in the past. These are not dietetic by a long shot... but they are pretty good.  If you need some new to YOU cookie recipes ... this might be the place to look.

I am also on the look out of more DIABETIC RECIPES that taste good.  If you have any send them my way.

On the quilting front:

I am still trying to find more fabric for my quilt. BLOCKS are done, but I need more sashing strips. So I am on the hunt for matching fabric. I find ON LINE SHOPPING to be very confusing. I put the information and numbers in SEARCH and get 100 other hits but not my fabric. The ladies from the various companies have been very helpful... SO HERE IS HOPING.

I am also trying to birth a flannel baby blanket with my grandson on my lap. I must be nuts trying to sew with a two and half year old boy. He sits in my lap and I guide the fabric. He hold the edge of the table if he takes his hands off, I stop the foot pedal and we stop sewing. He We have one more side to finish sewing. Only took us an hour. We are going to finish when he comes home.

Michigan Blizzard

Right now it is snowing. It started last night and is not suppose to end til tomorrow. I tried to talk my husband and daughter out of leaving home this afternoon, but they would not stay home. I should be use to the bad weather but I still hate it. I want my family home, safe and sound.

Now for a nap and then maybe a podcast.

Happy Quilting NONNIE


Crying in my tea… HOW I GOOFED UP MY QUILT

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JUST talking about how I goofed up my quilt.

Talking about reading to my grandson, my favorite children's book: THE QUILT MAKER's GIFT

QUILT's from the Quilt Maker's book series


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DOES YOUR FABRIC TALK TO YOU.......... direct link to post on word press.

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Progress report.... Friday Night... December 3, 2010

I put the sashing on 15 new blocks and will now need to square them up to the same size.  Because my four patch blocks varied depending on the fabric fussy cut.  I made the sashing larger so I could square them to the same size.  I plan to square up all of my blocks in the same session.  I find that I am more consistent if I square up all my blocks at the same time.  I hope to post before and after pictures.


YEAH !!!!! I HAVE A QUEEN SIZE QUILT WITH 36 BLOCKS COMPLETED.  I only had to fudge one block and sew pieces together to get the strip I needed.  My LQS ordered the sashing and binding fabrics for me as they were standard fabrics they always carry they just did not get their shipment in.  I am sure if I scatter the  new fabric for the center sashing no one will be able to they are from two different dye lots... AT LEAST THAT IS MY HOPE.  I am thinking I will blend in 30 to 50 % of the strips from the new fabric even if I have left over strips.   Anything not used goes into my scrap box any ways.

I am posting my goof ups because I am hoping others can learn from my mistakes.  Since make so many mistake... there can be a lot of free knowledge here....

** Problems with the patches: e--fourpatchK.jpg

Each set of patches sewed up to a different size, anywhere from 1/4 to almost 1/2 inch in difference. I could either sacrifice the design or trim them to the same size. OR I could sew on the sashing and then trim all the blocks to the same size. This is what I chose to do, realizing I might lose consistency from patch to patch but I think the coloration will hide the problem from block to block.


The framing / sashing is over size on this block to accomadate the variance of the four patch block sizes.   As a result all the blocks need to be trimmed/ squared to the same size ( 12- 1/2 inches. )



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I blogged about this on WordPress but there are some problems that have developed ... DUE TO MY OWN INEPTITUDE .... So I will be crying about this soon I am sure....


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First podcast… What an adventure !

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My name is Nonnie and I am trying to learn how to podcast.  This was my first effort and I was a nervous wreck.   Please leave me comments and tell me what you think.  I personally think my voice is annoying but I hope you will not find it too bad to listen too.   I know I have a lot of ummms and whiney habits when I speak.  I also tend to get off tangent, start on one topic and end up somewhere else.   I hope this will improve when I become more comfortable with podcasting.  I need to know if the sound was loud enough it sounds loud to me coming off my computer, but I am not sure how it will sound once it is exported.


The actual posting of the podcast took three tries.  It probably would have helped if I had read the instructions in FAQ on this blog site, first.   But that is me,  I jump in feet first and drown since I do not know how to swim. 


I hope in the future to post podcast reviews of quilt books, DVDs, and tools.  I hope we will communicating about our various quilting projects, adventures and mis-adventures.   I will probably also have some rants and raves, cause I tend to find my self in siturations that I JUST HAVE TO YELL ABOUT. 

STAY TUNED and come back again.


Happy Quilting and Enjoy



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