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49: Blathering a lot and review of quilt books





DD HOME for end student teaching …. Making quilts … tops to be posted

14 minutes --Progress in her workmanship

Raiding the stash



MORE FMQ for me


8 minutes …… accentuate the negative book review



15 min …. Reversal

16 min …. Interruption

17min….  negative form 

19 min…. Piecing


22 min - - - books that teach me design principals and elements


SELF PORTRAIT of Nee Nee --design opportunities

33min - -  guided Art project


Accentuate the NEGATIVE by T Price

Quilting with a Modern Slant  by Racheal May


29 min- -  DD quilts with pictures …. Blathering on


38 min -- - - DAISY'S POST CARD


43 MIN - -  - Summer Post Card Exchange -- Quilt Cabana


46 min --- Frances of OFF KILTER QUILT new young writer's podcast


49 min - - - Oakland County Quilt Show .. Few quilts posted

   concentrate on FMQ  . . . . Link to Flickr post


53 min - - - Trampoline



Gift from Giles

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Giles from Touch and Sew blog, sent this lovely little podcast reading for my grandson. My grandson was thrilled and wants to hear it first ( before my readings) whenever we go for a drive in the car. I asked permission to post it here to share with you and yours.

When you get a chance, bop over to Giles' web site and read about his creative efforts. He is a beginning quilter, having made his first quilt this year.

GILES at Touch and Sew blog.

On another note, be sure to join Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us and the crew for BOXING DAY SEW IN. Read about it at Sandy and Pam's blogs.

Quilting for the Rest of Us

Hip to Be A Square


Have a Merry Christmas,



Reading to my grandson….

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Every night someone in the family reads bedtime stories to my grandson.  I recently started recording me reading to him and burning the readings to a cD.  We then put the cD in the player and he listens to it as he falls asleep.  I did this for my daughter when she was young... I used a tape recorder then.

I am posting the readings for other children to enjoy.  The include me reading, some descriptions of the pictures I am seeing; comments or questions I make when I read.  My grandson has access to the books, on the cD, so that he can read along, whenever we ride in the car or he is "RESTING" pre-Nap.

Actually I am hoping this will spur others to learn how to creat mp3 files so that they too can save their voices for their families and their future kids and grand-kids.  IF I CAN DO IT, anyone can do it.

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