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More Art Quilt Challenge Pictures

Posted on April 15th, 2012

I ran out of room on WORDPRESS for pictures so I am adding some pictures here on my POD-BEAN blog. These quilts are from an Art Challenge that will be sent to exhibits in Europe. The quilters made quilts based on the style of various Master Painters, including Georgia O Keefe, Van Gogh, Klimt, Hokusari, Hundertwasser,and Frankenhalter. I love the various hand stitches t used and find inspiration from the embellishments and free motion quilting used by the quilters. Nonnie’s Blog

YOU can find more pictures on my WORD PRESS blog on my original posts!  I am also adding my TWO CENTS about what I think about some of the pieces.  AS you know I have an opinion about just about everything.

26-Art Quilt Challenge Inspired by Master Painters

. This piece is very detailed piece of folk art.  It is nicely executed piece and the workmanship (which can not be well viewed unless the photo is seen in the original form and zoomed in) was well done.  My only quibble with this piece might be that there is not a lot of value variances  that allow you to actually visualize all  work that went into the piece.  I personally feel the dark background hid the stitches and camouflaged many of the patches.  This is my personal opinion and is based on my own vision deficits that makes it difficult to see the details,  I am sure not everyone will feel the same seeing this quilt.



-Art Quilt Challenge Inspired by Master Painters

In my estimation this is a well execute piece of abstract fiber art.   I do not know if this how heavily influenced it was by the original art work as I am not familiar with abstract paintings.  What I like about the piece is the balance of light, medium and dark values.  I like the use of the different types of fabrics.  I especially like the use of the decorative stitches to thread paint and quilt the piece.  I personally do not think quilters take advantage and use the wonderful decorative stitches our machines can deliver.  I do want to say over and above using the stitches they highlighted the various shapes in the piece.  The stitches were well executed and having done this type of work before I know how hard that is to accomplish.  The starts and stops of the stitching was invisible.

-Art Quilt Challenge Inspired by Master Painters

I found this piece to be a mystery and a wonderment;  I could not figure out how it was done.  Is the face a  photo on fabric, a drawing from an exceptional artist I could not tell even close up to the quilt (It was mounted about a foot above my head at a difficult angle to see)  .... and then there is the FMQ.  On close examination in zoom I noted the FMQ was done with very fine thread of matching color to the piece.  It added shine and highlights to the quilt.  It was subtle and understated but I think perfect for this piece.        ..

-Art Quilt Challenge Inspired by Master Painters

Any body want to go to this cafe in Europe?  Looks like a Starry Night, a night perfect, for glass of wine and a really great dessert.  The FMQ quilting mimics the patchwork. I think this piece was a combination of pieced work, applique and painting details with a ink product.  I do not think the quilter could  have gotten such a detail and painter effect in this quilt without manipulating the fabric with dyes or inks.  I do not think paint was used because the colors were soaked into fabric and not sitting on top of the fabrics as paints are likely to do.

.12-Art Quilt Challenge Inspired by Master Painters

I reviewed this on the WORD PRESS blog post .... but I repeated the picture here... cause I reallllllly liked it.




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